Heal Endo Testimonials

the biggest shock, three months into my work with Katie I fell pregnant completely unexpectedly. I am awaiting the arrival of my baby boy any day now. I will never forget Katie’s amazed and delighted face when I told her my news. It felt like a miracle but upon reflection I was feeling so well by this point I honestly believe my body was ready at last. Everything seems to have fallen into place, and I am so grateful to Katie and her Heal Endo method for this.

I cannot recommend working with Katie and/or following the advice published at Heal Endo highly enough. It has honestly changed my life and I will be practicing her approach for the rest of my life. She is also a kind and fun person who is open to collaboration and helping you get the most from your own healing goals.
— Claire Barker

Katie Edmonds is a true pioneer in the field of nutrition and endometriosis. Her ability to bring together the wisdom and teachings of traditional nutrition with modern reproductive conditions like endometriosis is a blessing to both clients and healthcare providers alike. As a healthcare provider living with endometriosis myself, Katie’s guidance has been a truly beautiful reminder of how deeply healing food can be. Working with Katie has yielded dramatic, lasting results — minimal pain, more regular cycles, and perhaps one of the most valuable things she has give me; a long lost and deeply needed reconnection to my food — where it comes from, how it is prepared, and how to enjoy it thoroughly, all while promoting radical healing. There are a lot of “endo diets” out there, but none  that I’ve seen really get to the root of the issue. Katie’s guidance, centered around epigenetics and replenishing a clients unique nutrient deficiencies, goes much deeper than the typical endo diet, and really helps to foster healing, rather than just masking symptoms. I am forever grateful to Katie for her dedicated passion to serve the endo community, she is doing great work. I highly recommend her to friends and colleagues alike!

Merritt Jones, LAc, MS, CNC. Owner and Clinic Director at Natural Harmony Reproductive Health, San Diego

Katie is an absolute Godsend!!! After silently suffering with chronic disease for a number of years with MD's silencing and masking my disease, I finally took matters into my own hand and naively embarked on a mission to 'End Endo' once and for all. I was sick of being it's victim—I was in constant pain and discomfort—suffering bloating, constipation, chronic fatigue and not to mention my out of whack hormones. I felt crazy! Katie came into my life at just the right time offering me hope for healing with her very own testimony of healing from the same disease. Katie diligently worked with me for over a year and I am now a different person thanks to her. Katie patiently and faithfully walked me through some of my darkest health issues, guiding me with outstanding nutrition knowledge, lifestyle and movement advice, helping to get to the crux of my deep digestive and absorption issues. Katie is professional, knowledgeable, kind, patient, understanding, and so so sweet and humble. I am forever grateful to her for all her generous help and support in my healing process. Thank you Katie xx” -

Donna Marie, U.K., 2018

Working with Katie has been so refreshing. Her approach is very different to the usual 'endo diet' approach, which is GREAT. I was on a very restricted diet and was feeling so depleted, exhausted and my endo and adeno pain was just getting worse. I finally started to feel hopeful again when I started to work with Katie. I felt like I was putting nutrients back into my body, instead of starving myself. Looking back now, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. My body was crying out for nutrients, but I was following the typical 'endo diet' religiously, and was unknowingly preventing my body from healing. Katie listened to me attentively and was always super responsive with so much amazing information. When I was struggling, she did everything she could to help me to find a solution. What's amazing is that I've already seen improvements, in only 2-3 months. My energy levels are a little bit better, my sleep is finally getting better and I'm bloating slightly less. My digestion also feels like it's improving. I have a long way to go as I have very severe, deep infiltrating stage 4 endo, adenomyosis and adhesions, but I finally feel like I'm making progress. I'd really recommend working with Katie and giving her approach a try, I'm so glad I did!

Annie, U.K., 2018

I came to Katie after years of gut issues, endometriosis, and more recently two miscarriages. I had been treated by numerous doctors for numerous diagnosis. I was at a point where feeling bad was an accepted everyday thing. When you have made the trip around the moon with numerous MD's, you think you have heard all of the diagnosis and acronyms out there. My first consultation with Katie she explained she thought I was suffering from SIBO (but we would need to test for it). With her explanation it made absolute sense, and yet I had never heard of it. She walked me through what the next 3-4 months were going to look like in terms of diet and lifestyle. I had a complete picture/plan laid out before me that I could grasp. She stayed by my side every step of the journey. Any question, silly or not, she answered.

Within a few months I was feeling like a new person. My energy, my attitude, and my health were drastically changing. I was able to drop my fear of food, it wasn't going to hurt me anymore. Katie knew I wanted another baby, so she then put all focus into preparing my body for pregnancy. We spent 2-3 months making my body the most fertile place for a baby to grow. She also took on my husband's fertility, having him do all the things necessary to have a healthy pregnancy. As anyone who has had miscarriages can tell you, there is a profound fear abound trying for another baby. I can honestly say that Katie helped me through that part just as much as the actual fertility. As we began to try for another baby, my confidence was higher than I had ever thought it would be again. I believe Katie is one of the best Nutritional Therapists in the world. I don't say that lightly, as I have worked with several. She is known around our household as the Amazing Katie, for she forever changed my body, my health, and my zest for life!

Angie P, Texas, 2019