The 4-Week Endometriosis Diet Plan


I Wrote a Book! Can you guess what it’s about? Oh, you can, huh? Endometriosis, you think? And diet?… Well, I guess you know me better than I thought ;)

So yes, you’re 100% correct. It’s a book all about endometriosis, holistic approaches to treatment, a 4 week meal plan for the I-hate-cooking-and-even-thinking-about-cooking crowd, and 75 recipes to bring Heal Endo straight into your kitchen. Here’s a picture, isn’t she pretty?? (can you tell I’m proud ;)

About the book

As a long-standing sufferer of endo this book was a passion project, and I was beyond honored when a publisher reached out asking me do what I’ve always dreamed: write a book. Since I began to feel significanly better through serious diet + lifestyle changes it’s been my mission to spread the word - hence, this site. And since I understand firsthand how long it can take women to even consider alternative approaches of treatment - it took me about 7 years after diagnosis to incorporate real changes - I wanted to bring this research backed approach to women who may not know or fully understand how life-changing some simple changes can be!

To address the question “what the heck does what I put in my mouth affect some wayward tissue in my pelvis?”, the answer is a resounding “a lot”. Not just from women who have changed their prognosis with diet + lifestyle, but from medical research that is right there beside them.

Research now shows there is a definitive link between what you do (or do not) put in your mouth, and the significance and/or severity of pain, fatigue, bloating, gastro issues, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune, and chronic illness. Research shows us the link between malnutrition, gut infections, movement deficiency, stress, and the severity of our endo. So not only is this nutrition + lifestyle stuff no longer “woo-woo”, but it also has proven results. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of home ;)

**And no - this probably isn’t a substitute for surgery for those of you who need surgery. To learn about my approach to surgery read this post.

The Big Endo-Challenge of Endo-Diets


The biggest issue with writing a book about an “endometriosis diet” is there is no one diet for every woman. Heck, I have yet to have two clients with a similar diet that works best for them. Many women with endo are reacting to some foods (even weird ones like seeds + nuts, or tomatoes, or quinoa, or egg whites) or have some significant gastro issues that need addressing before they can eat a wider plethora of foods. So how does one address these cases when writing a book for the masses?

Well, I don't. What I do instead is list out which issues an endo-lady may be facing deeper than surface level and how they might approach it more therapeutically - such as an AIP diet, lowFODMAP, or lowHistamine approach - but my main focus is really on helping women with a severe deficiency in vitamin HC (home cooking) learn how to incorporate whole foods into their lives to reverse malnutrition, balance blood sugar, and calm inflammation. We work on the basics first, to lay the foundation of health.

What’s Inside??

While there’s a huge surge of interest in the health and wellness field, the truth is most women in the United States are stuck eating gluten, industrial dairy, and processed foods and have no idea where to begin when someone recommends eating 7-9 cups of veggies per day, cold water fish + grass-fed meat, and making foods from scratch without spending all our waking hours in the kitchen - or whole paycheck on food.

This book aims to solve that.

Within there are 75 recipes that are so. so. simple. The meal plan is do-able for those that can’t imagine how to suddenly execute a weeks worth of cooking, or those who are eating a lot of processed foods and need to go slow for the sake of digestion (seriously, we only start with breakfasts). The recipes call for affordable cuts of meat, fish, and never shames anyone for progress over perfection. There are also lowerFODMAP substitutions for many recipes for women dealing with IBS or significant endo-belly and want to experiment with something different that might make more of an impact than they realize.


Truly, the overarching goal of this book is to have women with endo start to reclaim their life in an approachable-for-every-level way through real, whole foods. Foods that begin to calm the systemic inflammation, reverse under-nutrition, help to start re-regulate the immune system, and to increase gut health, all factors deeply involved in both the severity of pain and spread of disease when we’re talking about endometriosis. All in a more affordable and time-considerate way, of course.

If you want to check out this book, it’s available now! I’m also forever indebted to those who leave a review :)

The 4-Week Endometriosis Diet Plan: 75 Healing Recipes to Relieve Symptoms and Regain Control of Your Life

Do not obsess over whether you
can afford functional medicine,
Obsess over learning how to
cook at home
Obsess over eating what is recommended and
eliminating what is harmful.
Obsess over what is in your control.
Let go of what you cannot do or access.
— Dr Terry Wahls.

Katie Edmonds