Currently Not Accepting New Clients

I’m so sorry but my waitlist is currently much too long!! If you’d like to be alerted for when I’m accepting new clients, sign up for my email list. Want to pretend like you’re working with me? Buy my Ebook! It’s seriously everything Heal Endo. CLICK HERE.

Heal Endo Services

Because of the bio-individuality of you, I currently only offer one-on-one client services, either online or in person. No classes, no simple downloads, just me and you and a very individualized treatment plan. On top of that, I only work with clients who can commit to a minimum of 2 months. That’s because we can only begin to chart lasting change over longer periods of time, and I request you commit to working with me as much as I commit to helping you achieve better health.

If you want to better understand what working with me is like, click here.

**Through Skype or Zoom, I can work with women anywhere in the world as long as you're proficient in English.

10-week Heal Endo Starting Package | $649

1 Initial consult:  1 1/2 - 2 hours 

4 Follow-up sessions: 45 minutes every 2-3 weeks

Email Support: Unlimited

Does not include supplements or recommended reading  - but all active clients will receive 20% off supplements if you order through me.

Initial Consult: This initial consult and plan will include 1 1/2 - 2 hours of interview and information overview, including a comprehensive nutritional analysis, diet recommendations, supplement recommendations, and follow up plan. Of course I’ll spend many extra hours pouring over your case, your symptoms, your story, and your health, all to help create an individualized healing plan that we can agree on. You will receive your unique chart (as seen here) as well as educational insight on why your analysis looks the way it does, based on your food and lifestyle info. We here can agree on how to approach a few things differently to find lasting results. This is our foundation from where we’ll launch into a healing protocol.

Follow Up Sessions: These 30-45 minute calls will be for motivation, updates, and plan changes. You might be surprised what new issues arise as old issues fade. This is akin to an onion, that as we heal we can experience new symptoms, and by continually working together we can update your own unique plan segment by segment. This will allow us to keep one-step ahead of your healing regimen, always supporting your body’s ability to heal as best as we possibly can. This may mean backing off certain protocols, it may mean switching gears, or it may mean staying right on course. 

As you heal you may choose to continue to work with me past the 2 months, in which case you would be charged on a by-call basis. Remember, 2 months is a bare minimum, but I hope you feel comfortable working with me longer as you’re excited about your healing results, and I’m here to support you!


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

An analysis of mineral composition in your hair, which is an amazing snapshot of how your cells are functioning. This is a phenominal test to help us create a plan of nutrient replenishment, and especially great for those women with chronic fatigue issues.

If you want to read all about HTMA testing and how it works, read my blog post HERE.

A Note on Veganism + Vegetarianism

As a Nutritional Therapist focusing on endometriosis and it's related symptoms, my job is to help balance and heal bodies that are experiencing high levels of malnutrition, deficiencies, and trauma. And for the chronically ill population, many vegan and vegetarian proteins (beans, grains, nuts, eggs, and dairy) can be harmful to the gut and are often foods I recommend removing for a certain period of time before reintroducing to see how well they’re actually tolerated. Because of this, I will lovingly work with anyone who's open to adding certain animal products into their diet, at least short term, but at this time I choose not to work with clients who are strictly vegan or vegetarian.