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Pastured Eggs

Eggs aren’t detested in the endo community like meat and dairy are, but there’s still a good amount of misinformation out there to make us wonder about their impact on our pain and health. That’s because some books — like Recipes and Diet Advice for Endometriosis by Carolyn Levett — recommend using egg replacers in the place of eggs, saying eggs cause inflammation, while the vegan documentary What the Health comes along and tells us eating one egg a day is akin to smoking 5 cigarettes.

Hold on a second, is this all true?


The answer is a resounding no: not eggs from healthy, pastured chickens. You know, the real bug eating, sun bathing, grass scratching kind of chickens. These eggs are some of the most nutrient dense of any food in the world, especially the yolks which house an assortment of nutrients so many of us endo girls are utterly deficient of: omega 3’s, choline, B vitamins, vitamin A, E, D, K,  calcium, iron, phosphorus, folate, and pantothenic acid. It’s like a delicious multi-vitamin in a shell that your body can actually absorb. These eggs are listed as a top healing food on this site for a reason!

And sorry, it’s still not true that eating any egg is akin to smoking 5 cigarettes. Who comes up with this stuff?? The truth is, just like all the other items I recommend, egg consumption and health isn’t black and white, and some eggs can lead to inflammation, and some eggs do have contamination. It just depends on the source of your egg, as well as your body. 

Still, eggs can potentially cause inflammation or reactions for a few real reasons. One is if they’re from factory farmed birds fed an atrocious diet that sets their omega 6:3 balance askew, leading to inflammation in your body. They also won’t offer the nutritional benefits of their outdoor sisters who eat bugs, greens, and sunbathe, so what you get instead is a nutritionally void egg that upsets your omega balance and can indeed lead to more pain.

The other reason why eggs might do your body harm is because you have gut permeability, and have thus developed an allergy or sensitivity to them. Being uber sensitive to eggs can also (potentially) be a sign of liver and gallbladder malfunction. That means no eggs for you until you heal and seal your precious gut, and then hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate this nutrient dense food back into your life. Indeed eggs yolks themselves are one of the most tolerable foods to eat, since they're one of the very first foods allowed during the re-introductory phase of gut healing.

Overall, eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat when they're sourced well from pastured chickens, and can fill up your nutrient stores in ways you never imagined! So if you were previously scared, fear no more. I’ll go through the good eggs, the bad eggs, and how to know if you can tolerate them at all.