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Thanks so much for considering a partnership through Heal Endo. If you're interested in working with me, please take the time to read through all 6 commitment understandings below to make sure we’re a good match!

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This seems obvy, but ask yourself if you’re excited about this on your own, or did your mom or spouse force you this direction grumbling? You don’t have to be a convert, I just would rather work closely with an enthusiastic you rather than someone I need to spend 2 months convincing of the merits of whole foods healing :)
Weight *
If your focus is on calorie counting or losing weight, the Heal Endo approach may not be for you… yet. Although I’m quite certain you won’t be gaining excess weight (unless you need to!), the Heal Endo focus is on refilling nutrients and eating more food, more fat, and more flavor - not about calorie restriction. If you’re ready to leave that calorie mindset in the dust, I’m here for you! But if you know you will honestly not be able to tackle this right now, it may be best to hang out with yourself a little longer until you know you’re ready to take a deep breathe and trust your body rather than calories.
Perception *
My goal is to help you see your disease as an opportunity to learn, grow, and live again. I want you to be able to stop saying “my body hates me” or “I hate my body”, and instead see this as a beautiful journey. Once we stop looking at healing as a box to check off, and instead see it as the first step on a long road that will lead us to learn to live again, it changes everything. If this is not you, and you want to check that proverbial box and move on with life exactly as it was before, you’re probably not going to like working with me. I’m going to ask you to create a life that heals, and often that looks very different than our life before.
Menopausal *
If you’re pre-, peri-, or post menopausal, and these concerns are your top priority, I may not be the best fit for you. Menopause is a delicate time of seeming hormonal upheaval, and if this is your main issue I would recommend working with a practitioner who specifically focuses on this time of life and offers hormone testing such as DUTCH testing. I currently only offer gut health and mineral balance testing, neither of which would be optimal for these kind of hormone related issues. If, however, you want to partner for diet, gut health, energy levels, or more, then the Heal Endo Approach may still be a good fit.
Time Commitment *
You’re, like, really busy!!!!!! Take a minute to consider this, because the Heal Endo approach takes time. Half of the time will be me telling you to stop doing stuff ;) The other half will be me telling you to get in the kitchen, the farmers market, the butcher. You don’t need TONS of free time, but you do need enough to make some dinners and clean up some wanton messes
Magic Pill *
You must understand there's no such thing as a magic Heal Endo pill, and are ready to put in the hours necessary to heal. I use diet changes first and foremost to address deep rooted imbalances. In some cases diet alone isn't enough to reach target issues (like SIBO or SIFO etc), and protocols are necessary to get where you want to be. If your case is complex, this will include testing and targeted supplements to help you start healing anew. This can be an extra time and financial burden, but part of that journey leading to a new, more manageable life.