Re-connect to other people, to nature, and even to yourself in order to fulfill a missing piece of your life you didn't realize was missing.

A lifestyle of depravity can lead to much more pain and suffering than necessary. The more isolated you feel, the more you unintentionally seclude yourself. And the more isolated you are, the worse your disease. Even worse, technology these days allows us to be both inside and alone all day if we allow it to, while making us feel like we socialized through social media, participated in the community through the news, or even went outside by watching screens filled with nature. That's why your journey to create the ultimate endo lifestyle includes the increasingly endangered art of connecting: Connecting to yourself, to others, and back to nature. 

Connecting to yourself should really be about cultivating pleasures back into your life. Chances are you've been putting "you" on the sideline, trying to accomplish all your "to-do"s while under a lot of stress and a mountain of pain. Remembering what makes you happy and inserting that into your life will add happiness back in with it. Cultivating old and new friendships will lift a burden off your shoulders you didn't know was there. Getting outside and giving yourself a big dose of vitamin Nature will help you thrive.

Even if you're in quite a bit of pain, there's lots of things you can do to re-connect to a life worth living. For me, it was cooking! As I delved into my diet plan and nutrition I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Rather than let it stress me out, I realized I loved to cook. It was so fulfilling to take fresh ingredients and turn them in to delicious foods that even my friends loved to eat. Suddenly, people liked to come over for dinner ... a win win.

That's why this lifestyle piece is really the mortar that holds the other building blocks together. Having joy in your life will make any diet okay, any stress dissipate, and any disease curable. If you haven't found joy in your life for a while, it may take a while to remember what pleasures truly tickle-your-fancy, but they're there waiting for you to come back to them. Promise.


Reconnect to Yourself

Endometriosis may have thrown you a curve ball and you might not be able to do what you used to, but that doesn't mean your life has ended! Cultivating pleasure back into your life with a new approach will help you create a new normal. Look at the many ways to find resilience in the face to pain, and reconnect to a happier you.


Reconnect to Others

Many of us are getting our social fix through social media these days, but that's a poor substitute for touching, belly laughing together, sharing meals and stories. These memories create the fabric of our lives, and there's no time like the present to start weaving. Reintroduce social times into your life and smile bigger, more often.


Reconnect to Nature

Not too long ago humans spent most of their time outdoors. In current time it's not abnormal for someone to only go outside when they're walking to their car. Learn about the myriad of benefits nature has in store for you, and feel the better for it