HEAL ENDO IS A lifestyle dedicated to the whole-body healing of endometriosis symptoms.

If you've battled with endo for years or are newly diagnosed, this may be the holistic lifestyle approach to endo you have been missing. Based on a whole-foods, whole-movement, and whole-lifestyle approach to reclaiming your life.

In order to combat something as chronic and debilitating as endometriosis, we need to address the foundations of our lives. In this site I categorize these into 5 main pillars: Nutrition, Movement, Detoxification, Connection, and Learning. You may be missing one, two, or all of them from your life, but as you start filling in the empty voids your body will respond by beginning to heal itself from the inside out.

There is lot of information on this site and the linked pages, but my goal isn’t to overwhelm anyone with a lifestyle overhaul! Look over all the information at your own pace and incorporate baseline items as you feel comfortable. Remember, stress is an enormous contributor to this disease, so if you’re feeling stressed at all back off until you’re ready to add one new change in your life at a time.

Also keep in mind that you know your body better than anyone! And it's beautifully unique, so what may work for others may not work for you and vice versa. Be open to change for the sake of progress.