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If you’re here I assume you or someone you love has endometriosis. First of all, I am so sorry. Endometriosis is no joke, and like so many “women’s issues” can make us feel ignored, hopeless, and utterly alone. Which is why I welcome you to Heal Endo, a free website portal to help you better understand endometriosis as it relates to the entire body, and hopefully to offer you information that you’ve never heard before as related to endo, and information that resonates with you as a new path towards healing.

Heal Endo offers women an alternative education about the root causes - and associated symptoms - of endo and how to bring balance back to a system so off-kilter. As a Nutritional Therapist (NTC) my aim is to offer hope to women who have heard one too many times “there is no cure”. No, there may not be a cure, but there is hope of reclaiming your life. Through a different diet approach than you’ve heard of, different types of movement than you’re familiar with, and a whole lot of life detoxing and smiling, my goal is to show a different way of putting a chronic illness like endometriosis into full or partial remission (depending on your own place on this journey). Yes you may still need surgery, no this is not a magic pill, but Heal Endo offers a new way of living that offers hope.

The thing about an endometriosis diagnosis is that, instead of seeing it as the end of a life, we can see it as the beginning of a journey. A journey that may turn everything you do and believe about health and happiness on its head, but one in which you will find yourself actually reclaiming both your health and happiness in the long run. This is not the end of your life, it’s simply the beginning of something new.

Because your condition is very unique - even to your fellow endo-sisters - your journey will be unique as well. What foods heal you and hurt you, how you respond to stress, how your symptoms surface, and what areas of your body need healing most will all be unique. That’s why we’re working together, to get to the crux of your own endometriosis.

Because this site is a bit extensive, here is a simplified users guide to help anyone needs little extra guidance in sifting through the chaos :)

How to use this site

Pillar 1: Nutrition

What I consider the most important step of healing endo is to learn about endometriosis as an auto-immune related disease, and how deep nutrition can actually start to heal your genes. This is the big difference between the “endo diet” you may have heard of and the healing diet I’m such a proponent of. Then learn about how endometriosis is auto-immune related, going much deeper than a simple “woman’s issue” read these:

Next learn about the three big changes you can make in your diet right now to start healing anew. These are some of the biggest gaps I see in the diets of all of my clients who believe they’re eating healthily, but are unknowingly contributing to their pain in these ways. All 3 points are equally important, so read up!

Last, learn all about the foods that heal, even if you think they’re taboo. Can you believe I’m a huge proponent of meats, eggs, dairy, and fat for the endo girl??! Well, within reason of course :) Only grass-fed or pastured animal products here (absolutely no factory farmed or processed crud) and raw or fermented dairy - and only if you’re an endo-warrior who can tolerate them. See, each woman is going to have a unique diet that serves her best, these are just the basic guidelines to get you started.

Grass-Fed Meat: want to find out the inflammatory and environmental myths, why I’m a proponent after being 12 years a vegan/vegetarian, and what I think of liver? 

Grass-Fed and Raw Dairy: All about why raw is different than pasteurized and how to incorporate this healing food if you’re able. Yes, I said healing.

Ancestral Fats: Every cell in your body is covered in a fat layer, so making sure the fats you use are healthy will build your body back up to health

Pastured Eggs: You can see the difference in the yolks

Fermented foods: This is how our ancestors preserved foods. Nowadays, most of us don’t eat anything truly fermented, ever. What suffers is our gut micro-biome.

Vegetables: last but not least, veggies are a superhero food as well. I mean, we all know that, but here’s a little extra highlighting special types and inviting you to eat more than ever.

Pillars 2-4 The Non-nutrition Pillars

As a nutritional therapist I am most passionate about nutrition and believe it’s the most important foundation to start with. Why? If you have chronic fatigue, sickness, and endo-belly, tackling issues like movement, de-stressing, detoxifying, and having more fun may seem like more of a burden than anything. By filling up our nutrient coffers and tackling gut issues, adrenal issues, and more, these next pillars will seem much more manageable.

However, I do believe they are just as necessary to fully healing as nutrition, so don’t overlook these pivotal pieces.

Pillar 2: Movement

Notice how I didn’t say exercise? Movement, breathing, and proper alignment are absolutely key in healing from endometriosis. Find out exactly why:

If you want specifics rights away, here’s a quick link to Breathing, Sitting, Standing, Walking, and Squatting. Check out my blog section on movement to start learning even more, as I aim to have guest posts who specialize in everything pelvic health.

Pillar 3: Detoxification and Stress

Chemicals not only exacerbate endo, there's a compelling case they may help instigate it. On top of that, stress (more our perception of stress, really) has been scientifically shown to make endo lesions worse. Combine these two toxic contributors, and we can begin to see just how much the simple act of “getting ready and getting to work” can make our disease worse. 

To jump straight to it, here are fast links: Beauty Products, Plastics and yes, even your endo pharmaceuticals

Plus, it's absolutely essential to learn about how you perceive stress. The more you want to ignore stress the more it means you need to confront it, so if just reading about this gives you the heebie-jeebie, click the link. I dare you ;) P.S. I actually give you some really good tips so don't be too scared.

Pillar 4: Re-connecting to yourself, to others, and to life!

This is a fun one, since a lifestyle of depravity can lead to much more pain and suffering than necessary. The more isolated you feel, the more you unintentionally seclude yourself. And the more isolated you are, the worse your disease. Learn some new ideas to reconnect to yourself and others.

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