Baby making and beyond


Each women with endometriosis will have a unique fertility journey. Many of us read our fertility may be compromised when we start researching our diagnosis and see it'a main symptom, while others may only realize they have endometriosis after unsuccessful attempts at conception. Still others may have easy pregnancies, no pain, and only realize later on in life that they had endometriosis at all.

Often, women with endometriosis also have other forms of hormonal problems as well. Incidents of women with both PCOS and endometriosis is on the rise, some may battle hormonal cystic acne, and some, like myself, are faced with amenorrhea. That means if you're goal is conception, there can be more than just the endo to deal with, and that can be very frustrating.

As hard as it is, try not to listen to doctors or websites that tell you that you'll have a terrible time conceiving, if you're able to at all. Doctors love to say this for some reason. No, no matter how much your endo is affecting you, know that A LOT of endo-warriors still get pregnant and have healthy babies. Yes it can take patience. Maybe medical intervention. But it's possible. Nuf said.

If you're on this site for fertility specifically, everything recommended from nutrition to moving to detoxing to playing is all vital to restoring your birthright, whether it be endo related or other hormonal issues. Nutrition, movement, stress reduction, and chemical minimization are all ingredients necessary for any healthy conception and birth, and a great place to start making changes if baby-making is on your mind.

Here you'd find additional information specifically relating fertility, including some specialized resources to help you on your journey.